Réalta School of Speech and Drama

Established in 2016 by Michelle O'Grady, Réalta is located in Galway and specialises in one-to-one classes for both children and adults.  This includes those with Autism, Down Syndrome and other special needs and challenges. From her extensive work with children with Autism, Michelle began to notice how much they enjoyed and engaged with Speech and Drama and how it allowed them to express their remarkable imaginations. She also works with children and adults who don't have any additional needs but who can feel shy or a little bit anxious. 

Réalta also runs private group classes and works in primary schools providing Speech and Drama classes from Junior Infants to sixth class.

 Michelle O'Grady BIO

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Michelle's love of Speech and Drama began at age six when she began her study with the Irish Board of Speech and Drama. Over the next twelve years, she completed the twelve grades of Speech and Drama which left her highly skilled and confident in her ability to train as a teacher. In 2010, Michelle trained with the Galassi School of Speech and Drama where she qualified with an Associate in Teaching through the Irish Board of Speech and Drama. Since then, she has gained much experience in working with children in stage school and in the area of Autism. She also has completed courses in Early Intervention in Communication and in Childcare Management. Michelle was two years into her training as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist when fate intervened and she was inspired to establish her own specialised Speech and Drama School. Michelle is currently training for her Licentiate in Speech and Drama teaching.

Michelle is extremely passionate about helping those who find it difficult to express themselves. From both her personal and professional experience, she has a great understanding of the sensory needs of those with Autism. Michelle encorporates music and drama as both act as methods of communication for a person with Autism, Down Syndrome and other conditions. She also loves working with those who have no special needs but who need some coaxing out of their shell and confidence boosting! As someone who was deeply shy as a child herself, she has seen the remarkable changes Speech and Drama can make for a person.



At Réalta we understand that everyone's needs are different and welcome any questions or queries. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.