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Group sessions for adults


We are now running drama classes for groups of mates who want to get together for some escapism, fun and confidence building. These classes are totally personalised to what you and your friends are looking for! So far some groups have wanted to work towards learning a script together, others want to feel more confident projecting their voices and others, well, others just want to have the craic!

All the while, you do this in a setting where you feel more comfortable with friends. Building each other up, creating lovely memories and having a laugh! And drinking tea. Lots of tea and biscuits

These are available in four week or six week blocks.


We might be based in lovely Galway but you will often find us on the road to other parts of the country. Each year, we run our 1:1 sessions and groups in Mayo and Dublin. We will be announcing details on new locations around Ireland very soon!


There is no problem if you have to cancel or reschedule. However, I do charge half the session's fee if you cancel/reschedule within twenty four hours of your scheduled session as that would not be sufficient notice to give the slot to another client.