"It was great to see how my son, Rian actively engaged with Michelle for their sessions. Michelle kept Rian's interest and he was happy to stay at the session for the 40 minutes.  A very positive experience for him."  - Mum of boy with ASD aged 9.


Michelle's Speech and Drama classes are brilliant!! My child is quite nervous about group activities but Michelle is a natural teacher and carer and really nurtures children. She is such a hard worker who puts so much effort into every session. I can't praise or recommend her highly enough. We feel lucky to have found her! - Mum of boy aged 5.


''Our little man received a diagnosis of ASD in June 2016, we couldn't see the wood from the trees. Michelle started coming to our home in September. I couldn't believe the very first time she closed the door and I watched through the glass how he immediately started doing actions with Michelle even more surprising he waited the whole 40 minute session  today he still looks forward to Michelle's weekly visit. Michelle has a natural ability in teaching and children are completely drawn to her. Her work with our son is wonderful. '' - Mum of boy with ASD aged 5.


“She’s a happier child – more content – and Michelle has brought that out in her.” - Mum of girl with Down Syndrome aged 16.



'I'm so glad that I found Michelle and Réalta. Iwanted my 9 year old sonto get a chance to do some drama in order to build up his confidence. Michelle's group was exactly what I was looking for. It's a small group of kids so it's not intimidating and everyone gets to be involved all the time. It was brilliantly organised too - Michelle had come up with all kinds of fun ways to get the kids engaged. My son loved it and best of all, he's really looking forward to going again.' - Mum of boy aged 9.


'I found out about Michelle's "Speech and Drama" program from GAP. I decided to take part of this program because I would like to improve language skills of my son. After first lesson Kuba had brilliant contact with Michelle and he was waiting for the meeting every week. He was very active and had fun during the lessons. This program broke barrier of talking for him. He started expressing his feeling and his mood. It was a small step in the right direction for him after the program.'          - Mum of boy with ASD aged 7.