One to One Sessions

We conduct One to One Speech and Drama classes for children and adults find themselves a little shy in social situations and would love to come out of their shell and express themselves more.  We also love to work with those with autism, Down Syndrome and other special needs. These sessions are specialised to the requirements of the individual.  

The objective is to increase the person's confidence, social skills and most importantly to have lots of fun!

  • Lessons include poetry,  articulation exercises, relaxation exercises, emotions work, Improvisation, Role play, games, storytelling, Mime and much more.

  • Speech and Drama is an invaluable tool in helping to build trust and develop interpersonal relationships.

  • It is also instrumental in enhancing skills of interaction and imaginative thinking. Improvisation is invaluable is helping to navigate unexpected changes and social situations.


Before arranging a session, we ask parents/guardians some questions about their child's ability so we can cater the classes to their specific needs and goals. Each session is forty five minutes long and takes place in the client's home or from a studio in Galway city. There are additional travel costs if you wish Michelle to travel to your home.


We also run a weekly drama class in Galway city for a small group of children where we focus on drawing out their skills and reminding them of how wonderful they already are! 


We work in schools in Galway and surrounding areas teaching Speech and Drama. This includes group classes for all age groups. We also run our 1:1 sessions for those with Autism and/or Special Needs in school settings.


At Réalta, we love running day and weekend workshops! To date we have run Summer Camps, Social Skill Workshops and collaborative workshops with artists and musicians who are as passionate as we are about helping all children shine. To keep up to date on our next workshop, please visit our Facebook page.

Groups for those with Additional Needs and/or Autism

Michelle loves teaching Speech and Drama in organisations that cater for those who might have additional needs. She has thoroughly enjoyed teaching with super people at Compass, Rehab Care and Down Syndrome Galway West.

Drama for The Grown Ups!

We are now running drama classes for groups of mates who want to get together for some escapism, fun and confidence building. These classes are totally personalised to what you and your friends are looking for! So far some groups have wanted to work towards learning a script together, others want to feel more confident projecting their voices and others, well, others just want to have the craic!

All the while, you do this in a setting where you feel more comfortable with friends. Building each other up, creating lovely memories and having a laugh! And drinking tea. Lots of tea and biscuits

These are available in four week or six week blocks.



We might be based in lovely Galway but you will often find us on the road to other parts of the country. Each year, we run our 1:1 sessions and groups in Mayo and Dublin. We will be announcing details on new locations around Ireland very soon!

Cancellation Policy

There is no problem if you have to cancel or reschedule. However, I do charge half the session's fee if you cancel/reschedule within twenty four hours of your scheduled session as that would not be sufficient notice to give the slot to another client. 




At Réalta we believe there is no such thing as a silly question and we know how difficult it can be to take that first step in getting in touch, especially when it's about someone so important to you. Please feel free to reach out and contact us anytime via our Contact Page. Every enquiry helps us understand our student's needs and goals and is treated with utmost confidence.